Content Advisories

All main and primary secondary characters have happily ever afters. 

North Beach Bakery series (all MCs are cis white males and females in their 20s and 30s):

Valentine Kisses: brief discussion of grief, religion (Catholicism), and adultery (not the main characters)

Spring Kissesbrief discussions of grief, past parental emotional abuse, past spousal abuse (hero’s father), past attempted assault (perpetrated against the heroine), past violent behavior, past sexual affairs, therapy, and Catholic faith

Chocolate Kissesfamilial tension; discussion of sexism; brief discussions of grief (loss of grandparent), and cancer in remission (parent)

Autumn Kisses: familial tension; brief mentions of racism, anti-LGBTQ+, and sexism/toxic masculinity; brief discussion of grief; therapy; anxiety

Mistletoe Kisses: brief mentions of fat-shaming, adultery (not the MCs); Christianity (Catholicism) 

Christmas Kisses: discussions of grief (parental death, spousal death, relatives' death); sexism/sex- and fat- shaming; parental overprotectiveness; firefighters in danger (off-page); grappling with inner critic and feelings of shame

Summer Kisses: discussions of grief; sexism, sex-shaming; familial tension

Montana Matchmakers series (all MCs are cis males and females and were raised as Christians):

Sweet Christmas: white male/white-Latina female (mid20s); second chance

brief discussions of grief (parent and grandparent deaths) and teasing

Sweet Valentine: white male/Latina female (late 20s); second chance

brief discussion of grief (parent and grandparent death)

Sweet Spring: white male/Latina female; love at first sight/friends to more; wedding preparations; twelve year age gap (24 and 36)

brief discussions of grief (parent and grandparent and partner death) and war

Sweet Summer: white male/white female; second chance; ten year age gap (30 and 40); childfree by choice

brief discussions of grief (parent and grandparent) and stillbirth

Hello Dolly: white male/white female (30s); love at first sight

brief discussions of grief and childhood trauma; malicious/sexist gossip from secondary characters; brief mention of bullying and antisemitism 

Sweet Fall: white male/white female (early 20s); love at first sight

brief discussions of familial tension and teasing

One Moment: white male/white female (30s); second chance

discussion of grief; mention of female MC's arthritis

Sweet Winter: white male/white female (40s); love at first sight; wedding buddies; fake relationship

brief mentions of gossip, panic attacks, and familial tension

Sweet Easter: white male/white female (early 20s); second chance/friends to more; wedding buddies

brief discussions of grief and parental emotional abuse

Sweet May: white male/white female (early 20s); love at first sight; attending weddings

brief discussions of grief (parental death), anxiety, and fat-shaming

Escape in Love series (white male and female MCs in their 20s and 30s):

Greek Getaway: discussions of grief; family drama/scandal/betrayal; mentions of murder and suicide and sexism; secondary character's parent has a heart attack off-page

Paris Interlude: discussions of grief; family drama/betrayal; parent heart attack recovery; sexism

Italian Honeymoon: discussions of grief; family drama/betrayal; sexism

Petals, Pride, and Persuasion: discussions of grief; grappling with inner critic; attempted sexual assault by a secondary character; mentions of Japanese internment during WWII

California Fairy Tales series: family drama; suspense plots/attempted assault and abuse; attempted murder; accidental death; anxiety; sexism; brief discussions of grief, war, PTSD, military, law enforcement, and past sexual/love affairs

Love at Pemberley books: brief discussions of grief, past love/sexual affairs, war, gossip

A Gentleman's Daughter trilogy: parental and other familial emotional abuse; gossip; sexism; woman posing as a man