Contemporary Romance

All Reina's contemporary romance are sweet/kisses-only (mild kissing and occasional adult language or innuendo. Certain Sure is the only book with off-page sex, and does not need to be read to follow the rest of the series).

Montana Matchmakers

Visit Loving, Montana, where the Matchmakers are always at work!

Sweet Christmas, Book 1, A Short Story

Sweet Valentine, Book 2, A Short Story

Sweet Spring, Book 3, A Short Story

Sweet Summer, Book 4, A Short Story

Get whisked away on a sweet, romantic European vacation! When love strikes, these billionaires must risk their most valuable assets--their hearts.

Sweet modern-day fairy tale re-tellings featuring feisty heroines and dedicated heroes who find love--with the help of some unlikely, and unmagical, fairy godpeople.

Rancho Valle: Jane Austen in California

Take an Austenesque trip to California! Love finds the residents of Rancho Valle, a small Sonoma County town where hearts are as gold as the California hills, and people care for each other--with a little gossip from the town vines and meddling from the Firehouse Diner's Roosters to help things along. 
These four stories are short, sweet, and just right for a cozy afternoon with your favorite beverage--and one of the recipes from Rancho Valle, like Mrs. Bates's Peach Cobbler.